Will This Be the Last French Open With Only Human Eyes Minding the Lines?

“It is not a 3-D re-creation; we give the real image,” Simon mentioned. “We see the surface of the court how it is, even if it has moved or just moved.”

This 12 months, the U.S. Open grew to become the first Grand Slam occasion to make use of nearly completely digital line calling, eliminating line umpires on all however two of its courts. Initial suggestions was constructive, in response to Stacey Allaster, the match director, however the U.S. Open has but to decide to utilizing the identical system in 2021.

Electronic line judging would probably get rid of one present difficulty: umpires inspecting the flawed ball mark on the clay, which is a frequent supply of pressure with gamers. But if there’s a swap to digital calls, gamers will nonetheless be capable of see the mark on clay, and it’ll not all the time match what know-how information.

“The ball mark can be larger or smaller than the true contact area depending on the amount of clay, humidity of clay, speed of the ball, direction of travel, etc.,” mentioned Stuart Miller, govt director of the science and technical division at the International Tennis Federation.

In different phrases, gamers who now argue that the Hawk-Eye picture helps them may sometime be insisting that the mark proves their level as a substitute. Whatever it takes to win any given level.

“I know you have an issue at the moment, but you’ll have an issue the other way as well,” Cahill mentioned.

“We have a system on clay we have used forever,” he mentioned, including that chair umpires deserve some credit score. “They’ve been doing their jobs for the last 100 years, so I think on clay the system we have at the moment is a pretty good system. If we can better it, I have no problem with that, but you need to prove to me we have a better option.”

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