PRESENTING: How a 24-year-old Roblox game developer made $1 million

In 2010, Alex Hicks launched his first video game on Roblox. Ten years later, he is made greater than $1 million a yr because the proprietor of game growth studio RedManta, which creates video games for the favored children platform and has since generated practically one billion performs mixed.

After a number of software program engineering internships at Roblox, Hicks developed a strong understanding about game design, developer toolsets, and operations — a ability set that led him to give up school and develop video games full time.

Now, he shares with Business Insider how embracing Roblox’s communities and specializing in effectivity helped him attain the million-dollar income mark in 2020.

“[A]t this point I’m feeling I’m much farther ahead than many of the people I know who graduated with game design degrees,” Hicks mentioned. 

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