How to tell your company story that connects with customers

  • Legendary VC Ben Horowitz has mentioned that a CEO’s foremost job is to be “the keeper of the vision and the story” for his or her company.
  • A brand new e-book from “How I Built This” podcaster and creator Guy Raz gathers dozens of those tales, drawn from the most effective of his massively fashionable interviews with founders like Sara Blakely, Daymond John, and Tobias Lutke.
  • Business Insider spoke with Raz to learn the way entrepreneurs can faucet into the facility of excellent storytelling to develop their enterprise.
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Why does your company exist?

It’s an enormous query, and one that founders will need to have a solution to in the event that they hope to construct a enterprise that attracts the expertise, customers, and traders it wants to develop.

Over the previous 5 years of internet hosting the “How I Built This” podcast, journalist Guy Raz has tackled this very topic with lots of of founders, together with Sara Blakely, Daymond John, and Tobias Lutke.

Founders and CEOs have plenty of duties, however an important one in accordance to Legendary VC Ben Horowitz is to be “the keeper of the vision and the story” for his or her company.

To study extra about how entrepreneurs can higher tell their tales, Business Insider spoke with Raz about the important thing parts of a compelling narrative.

“In every business there’s a story, and in every story there’s a reason why this business exists,” Raz mentioned.

Understand the traditional ‘heroic journey’ archetype

Anyone who spends sufficient time learning nice tales — from Captain Ahab to Captain America — will ultimately encounter Joseph Campbell’s mannequin of the Hero’s Journey.

In these tales, a protagonist hears a name, ventures out, struggles with a problem, and returns dwelling.

“I saw these patterns in every single story of entrepreneurs, and it became clear to me that there are parallels,” Raz mentioned. “It’s not always as dramatic as literally slaying a dragon, but there were moments in all these stories.”

When starting your story, attempt to suppose again to the second you first heard the decision that grew to become the motivation or inspiration for your enterprise, even when it was a very long time earlier than you started outlining an precise plan.

Great tales have compelling titles

If you are undecided the place to start telling your story, one place to begin is your company’s title.

“I ask virtually every founder I interview about the name of their company, and for almost all of them, the question is like a trigger that sends the story of the company’s founding practically shooting right out of them,” Raz writes in his e-book.

Great company names encourage the creativeness and assist set your enterprise aside from its rivals, like Spanx, FUBU, or Tesla. Together, your story and your model tell the world what sort of enterprise you’re.

“That’s the user experience,” Raz informed us. “That matters a lot, because that also signals how you want your product or service to be seen in the world and consumed in the world.”

In the e-book, Raz writes that tales “are a mechanism for thinking deeply about yourself, your product or service, your employees, your customers, your market, and the world. They explain each to all the others in a way that facts and figures never can.”

Resist the temptation to make it too tidy

The finest tales have a way of shock and battle, and it is vital to embrace these when describing your journeys and challenges.

“Dealing with failure or dealing with setbacks or humiliations is very hard, and it’s not always evident and obvious at the time that that is part of the story,” Raz mentioned.

Much as it’s your decision to venture a picture of success, a straight-ahead rise to the highest is unlikely to be sensible or fascinating.

This just isn’t to say it’s best to empty each as soon as of bags you may consider, however Raz says that human beings are drawn to trustworthy accounts of the defining challenges that you had to overcome.

“The story of why a company exists is messy, and that’s really great,” he mentioned.

Practice telling it, revising it, and telling it once more

It’s unlikely that you may get your story proper on the primary attempt. Then once more, you are most likely not getting your enterprise concept proper on the primary attempt both, and that’s okay.

“We don’t always know our story until a long time after it’s happened or big parts of it that happened,” Raz mentioned. “When you’re in the middle of your story, especially if you’re going through difficult moments, it’s very hard to step back and say, ‘Okay, this is part of my story.'”

As you form and refine your company narrative, you may develop simpler at rallying your group, partaking new customers, and successful over traders.

“The reason why the story is ultimately so important is because it connects you as the founder to all of the things you have to be connected to,” Raz mentioned.

In different phrases, your story offers individuals a purpose to wager on your enterprise over another person’s.

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