How a 16-year-old made millions collecting and reselling trading cards

  • Andrew Park is a 16-year-old from California who’s reworked his trading card reselling interest into a profitable aspect enterprise.
  • His newest sale — a basketball trading card of Giannis Antetokounmpo bought for $40,000 three years in the past — resulted in a record-breaking $1.81 million.
  • He shared with Business Insider his journey to the highest, in addition to his key methods for earning profits reselling trading cards.
  • Pokémon cards as a preteen have been Park’s preliminary catalyst into card trading. After segueing into his favourite sports activities, he stated he now spends “at least a couple of hours a day” shopping for and researching cards. 
  • He’s discovered essentially the most success by means of leveraging his on-line community on his Instagram account and from conventions, shopping for throughout off seasons, and often making dangerous investments. 
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Andrew Park, who simply turned 16 years outdated, purchased a basketball trading card of Giannis Antetokounmpo for $40,000 in July 2017. He then offered it in September 2020 for $1.81 million, the best quantity that a basketball card has ever offered for in historical past. 

This wasn’t the teenager’s first success on this enterprise, both: The veteran card reseller has been making severe coin from his card collections since he was 11 years outdated, and he’d beforehand raked in additional than $1 million from his hobby-turned-business earlier than his newest sale made historical past. 

Hotel room opening up cards during convention week

Park in his resort room opening up cards throughout conference week.

David Park

Back in December 2019, Park offered a Luka Doncic basketball card for $350,000 that he’d bought about six months earlier for $75,000, having fun with a web achieve of $275,000 on a single card. 

“In less than a year, Luka had leapt into superstardom by averaging nearly 30 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists per game,” Park advised Business Insider. “Very few players in NBA history have been able to accomplish that stat line, and Luka was only in his second year in the NBA.”

Between 2016 and 2018, Park purchased and offered 4 Mike Trout baseball cards for a complete of $415,000 — and a web achieve of over $330,000. One of the cards, a Mike Trout Red Refractor card that he purchased for round $50,000, he then offered a little over a yr later for $200,000. 

“That same card I sold in June 2017 recently auctioned off for a little over $900,000,” he stated.

Park identified that card reselling as a interest and enterprise has grown tremendously previously few years, which has helped to gasoline increased earnings. 

“In the 80s and early 90s, the so-called ‘junk wax era’ cards were massively overproduced and thus now hold little to no value,” he stated. “Print runs are now extremely limited. Therefore collectors are practically fighting to buy and collect the best prospects.”

He added that there are a lot of new consumers with deeper pockets in comparison with when he first began reselling cards. 

“In 2015, it was unheard of to see a card sell for seven figures unless it was a vintage card, such as a Mickey Mantle or Honus Wagner,” he stated. “However, in the past few months, at least four modern-day cards have sold for over a million dollars, with many more cards selling close to a million.”

Park shared with Business Insider how he bought into card reselling and his secrets and techniques to success.

From Pokémon to sports activities cards

Park, who attends highschool in California and is at present in 10th grade, began card collecting after creating an curiosity in Pokémon trading cards when he was a preteen. 

“I would play with the Pokémon cards with friends at school,” he stated. “Over time, I became less interested in playing games with the cards and more interested in collecting them.” 

Although he stated his engagement was “still somewhat casual,” Park started monitoring public sale costs on eBay, often shopping for and promoting Pokémon cards himself and increase a assortment of rarities. The excessive level of this era, Park stated, was promoting his “Pikachu Illustrator” card for $60,000 in 2015 after he’d bought it a yr prior for round $18,000. 

“I realized then that buying and selling trading cards could become a potential business,” Park stated.

Park walking the halls at the convention

Park strolling the halls on the conference.

David Park

After the sale, Park stated he used his earnings to slowly segue into investing in cards of gamers from his favourite sport: baseball. He started by shopping for some cards of his favourite gamers, together with Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw. Eventually, he expanded his efforts to incorporate cards from different sports activities, equivalent to basketball and soccer.

Hours of analysis and networking inform Park’s picks

While the enterprise lends itself to a certain quantity that is out of a vendor’s management, Park stated his success in reselling his cards has not come about by likelihood. The younger entrepreneur stated that he spends “at least a couple of hours a day” reselling and researching trading cards. 

“I read forums and search eBay for any great deals,” Park stated. “I also have to follow sports news to read about any upcoming players or major injuries.”

In addition to staying present on the trade, Park stated he devotes loads of time to networking.

“I believe that networking is one of the most important skills in order to resell trading cards,” he stated. 

Park makes use of his Instagram web page — @cards_inc, which has over three,000 followers — to work together with different collectors. He additionally not too long ago made a web site,, the place he advertises his assortment and posts brief blogs about his interest. 

Besides assembly kindred spirits from these on-line venues, he typically will get enterprise leads.

“On my Instagram page, I have built a solid following where people will reach out to inquire about a card I’ve posted or to ask if I have a certain card or know someone with a certain card,” Park stated.

Another means that Park stays within the loop and makes contacts is by attending the National Sports Collectors Convention, which was cancelled in 2020 resulting from COVID-19, to satisfy individuals from everywhere in the world. 

andrew Park

Park on the National Sports Collectors Convention.

David Park

“I have made contacts in China, South Korea, and throughout the United States just by walking around the convention and sharing news and cards,” Park stated. “I might hear that someone is looking for a Mike Trout card that I know one of my contacts has. I would be the middleman between both parties to help the transaction.” 

Park additionally participates on the Blowout Cards Forum, which many hard-core collectors are a a part of. 

“On this forum I am able to buy, sell, trade, and discuss the hobby with other avid collectors,” Park stated. 

While his analysis and networking actions drive his outcomes, Park famous that a sure aspect of the enterprise comes right down to good timing. His determination to spend money on and buy Giannis Antetokounmpo cards got here after the participant’s first all-star season, when many have been uncertain if he was going to have a repeat efficiency the next season.

“I have been fortunate to invest in the ‘right’ players,” he stated. “I invested in Mike Trout baseball cards early in 2016, and in the last four years have sold most of my cards for an overall net profit of around a million.” And this does not embody the $1,770,000 revenue that he simply made from his latest Antetokounmpo card sale, boosting his complete web revenue from card gross sales to almost $2.eight million.

Reinvesting within the enterprise and taking dangers

The savvy dealer has reinvested his earnings in shopping for extra cards which have gone up — and in some circumstances tripled — in worth. He stated that purchasing through the off seasons has been a key technique behind his success. 

“For example, the baseball season usually ends around October, after which the attention shifts to football and basketball,” Park stated. “Therefore, fewer people are looking to buy baseball cards. I use this as an opportunity to buy them for lower prices. In the spring, baseball receives more attention, since baseball will be starting up again soon, which allows me to sell the cards I had purchased during the winter or hold onto the cards until the season starts to see how these baseball players perform.”


Park’s card assortment.

David Park

Park additionally stated that he believes that purchasing cards strategically requires a stability between protected and dangerous investments. 

“It is important to always buy some proven players, such as Mike Trout and LeBron James,” he stated. “Even though such players come at a higher cost, if they do not perform well their cards will maintain their value due to their previous years of solid production.”

On the opposite hand, Park admitted that occasional threat taking has paid off for him. 

“Sometimes after a player has a bad season, it is a good time to buy that specific player because they might bounce back and have a great year,” he stated. “Investing in not well-known players can be risky, but the potential to make a lot is really high because the cost to buy in is low.”

There’s additionally merely the love of the sport that types a framework for his methods. While collecting sports activities cards morphed from a interest into a enterprise alternative for Park, he nonetheless retains the enjoyment and ardour that drew him to the exercise within the first place. 

“It still feels like a hobby in a lot of ways,” Park stated. “I really enjoy the time I spend talking with other collectors and trading/buying new cards.”

Reflecting on his largest sale

Park obtained the top-selling Giannis Antetokounmpo card in 2017 on the National Sports Collectors Convention
in Chicago. 

First yellow circle is Giannis card recently sold at the auction.  The Mike trout card circled was once owned by Andrew.  The person Andrew sold it to sold it for significantly more

Park’s Giannis Antetokounmpo and Mike Trout cards at an public sale.

David Park

“The card is a one of one, and it is Giannis’ best card ever produced,” Park stated. “It features a ‘logoman’ patch and is from the highest-end basketball product (National Treasures) that Panini (the card manufacturer) produces.” 

While Park added that he was particularly on the lookout for cards of Giannis Antetokounmpo, he stated he did not count on to have the chance to buy his finest card. 

“After I bought the card, I heard that the dealer who sold it to me had offered it to other collectors at a lower value,” Park stated. “Nevertheless, I was not upset because I believed in the future value of Giannis. I knew that even if I overpaid at the time, it would not matter in the future because I believed Giannis would continue to improve, which would cause his card values to increase.”

Deciding to promote the one-of-one card was a very powerful determination for Park. While he considered retaining it longer, since he already has a massive Giannis assortment, he figured if the cardboard he offered on the public sale continues to extend in worth, all his different Giannis cards will go up as properly.

It was a good gamble.

Interview and photo op with ESPN Darren Rovell

Park’s interview with sports activities enterprise journalist Darren Rovell.

David Park

“Back in 2017, I bought the card for around $40,000, and just a few weeks ago, I found out that this card could potentially go for over a million,” Park stated. “I believe that Giannis will continue to improve, but at the same time it is hard to turn down such a large profit. As proven as Giannis already is, there is always the risk that he gets injured and is not the same player he once was.”

He added that initially, individuals thought he was “a bit crazy.”

“Honestly, I had a feeling about Giannis,” Park stated. “And I am so grateful I trusted my instincts … I believe in what I do, and I know that I have a sixth sense for this, yet didn’t think I’d get that much.”

While his $1.81 million card sale turned heads, Park admitted that it is extra frequent to maneuver cards that fall into the $1,000 to $10,000 vary, and even decrease values.

“It’s much easier to sell sub-$1,000 cards,” he stated.

Park plans to make use of a number of the cash from the sale of this uncommon card to reinvest again into the sports activities market, leveraging the identical high three methods he shared above: shopping for through the off seasons, balancing dangerous investments with protected ones, and often investing in lesser-known gamers. 

“I recently purchased a Jasson Dominguez baseball card with the profits from the Giannis sale for around $62,000,” Park stated. “He’s a 17-year-old baseball player with a lot of potential. He has been compared to some of the greatest baseball players ever, such as Mike Trout, Mickey Mantle, and Bo Jackson.” 

While Park admitted taking a gamble on Dominguez this early within the participant’s profession is a large threat, he believes that if Dominguez stays heading in the right direction, his card may simply promote for near $200,000, if no more, in two to a few years. 

“Sitting on the money will not give me the opportunity to make more money,” Park stated.

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