What The Melania Tapes Might Mean For The Trump Presidency

On Tuesday night, a former advisor and buddy of Melania Trump advised that she has revealing audio recordings of her conversations with the First Lady. For a President who has seemingly deflected scandals that for some other politician could be deemed deadly, might the prospect of the most recent scandal be the one that truly prices Donald Trump the presidency?

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff’s new e book, Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady, was printed on Tuesday by Gallery Books. The former particular occasions coordinator for Vogue and founding vogue director for the Lincoln Center in NYC, Winston Wolkoff grew to become buddies with Trump in 2003, and within the latest Trump tell-all she supplies a biographical sketch of the First Lady in addition to revealing particulars of her time within the White House. The one-time advisor to the First Lady additionally supplies some salacious particulars in regards to the First Lady’s relationship with the President, his youngsters, and even a few of his insurance policies.

But it’s the prospect that Winston Wolkoff recorded conversations with the First Lady that has the political world abuzz. During an interview with ABC information on August 25th, when requested in regards to the contents of her e book, Winston Wolkoff solely submitted that she “can back up everything that’s in the book, 100 percent.” At the time, the creator demurred when requested if she had recorded any conversations with the First Lady. But on Tuesday, Winston Wolkoff instructed MSNBC that tapes do, in reality exist.

“Melania and the White House had accused me of criminal activity, had publicly shamed and fired me, and made me their scapegoat,” Winston Wolkoff stated to MSNBC host Rachel Maddow. “At that moment in time, that’s when I pressed record. She was no longer my friend and she was willing to let them take me down and she told me herself that is the way it has to be.”

The accusations Winston Wolkoff alludes to narrate to reviews of economic improprieties associated to President Trump’s 2017 inauguration. The inauguration manufacturing, which drew the eye of federal investigators, paid Winston Wolkoff as an government producer for the inauguration. Reports questioned the appropriateness of the purported $26 million Winston Wolkoff’s agency, SWW Creative, was paid for its companies. Following the inauguration, Winston Wolkoff grew to become an advisor to the First Lady, however based mostly on each the contents of the e book in addition to her latest media appearances, it seems that the longtime relationship has greater than soured; it has develop into flamable.

The query is, will the prospect of recordings of Melania Trump blow up into a good greater downside for President Trump?

It relies upon.

On one degree, it could appear that the easy prospect of recordings of his spouse would pose no actual risk to a President who has been accused of the whole lot from sexual assault to collusion with international governments. Despite the entire accusations and assertions in regards to the impropriety of Donald Trump, he stays standard along with his base and has a really actual likelihood, maybe even probability, of reelection. Tapes of his spouse talking about probably embarrassing, and even incriminating, matters would seemingly be mere ripples in a sea of controversy that all the time engulfs the President.

But the timing of the purported “Melania Tapes” additionally comes at a time when the nation is deciding whether or not to reelect the President of elect his rival, Democratic candidate Joe Biden. With the primary ballots having the ability to be mailed in as early as this month, the following 9 weeks can be a crucial interval when even these voters who are likely to tune out politics begin paying consideration. The potential drop of showing audio recordings that embarrass the President and the First Lady (at one of the best), or incriminate them in wrongdoing (on the worst), may very well be a distraction that the Trump marketing campaign can’t afford.

Without a doubt, the President’s supporters will dismiss Winston Wolkoff, very like Melania Trump’s Chief of Staff, Stephanie Grisham, already has. In an announcement to ABC on August 31, Grisham remarked:

“Anybody who secretly tapes their self-described best friend is by definition, dishonest. The book is full of mistruths and paranoia, and clearly based on some imagined need for revenge.”

Perhaps. Yet even with out evaluating Winston Wolkoff’s motives, one factor is evident. The fixed throwing of sticks and stones has not damaged any of President Trump’s political bones – at the very least not but. But audio tapes are a unique story, and we could be at the start of a giant one that would carry down a President.

And that’s motive sufficient to pay attention in.

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