Finding Comfort in the In-Between Season

Welcome. It’s been wet in New York, humid, and in-between feeling. It’s the time that the journey trade calls “shoulder season” in this a part of the world, a time of transition, technically fall however nonetheless typically summery. On the verge of vacation season, however we’d nonetheless be studying books we began in August.

It’s the time of yr if you decide to coziness, flip the lights on throughout the day and brew a complete pot of tea, possibly take your laptop computer to the sofa, a blanket nest. Mid-afternoon, you’re shaken out of your winter cosplay when the skies clear, the solar reasserts its relevance, nearly obnoxiously illuminating every mote of mud in this indoor-cat tableau. Shoes on, get outdoors whilst you can.

It can do a quantity in your temper, should you weren’t already slightly up and down, this noncommittal, sandwich season. Our traditional rhythms are disrupted, our reliable routines scotched. I’ve been saving up bits of enjoyment, scraps of songs, articles, recipes that I can flip to when disequilibrium units in.

This opinion piece, “Your Work Friends Knew Exactly What Kind of Week You’d Had,” jogged my memory of how important the “weak ties” our work relationships present are to our happiness.

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