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City facilities crew Tanner Huffman, left, and Justin Dennis step inside the condemned trailer at 209 Virginia St. under the eyes of Marietta Police Officer Bob Ellenwood and neighbors Monday to secure the structure owned by Law Director Paul Bertram’s family property management company. (Photo by Janelle Patterson)

Today the sun rose on a boarded trailer in the lower west side of Marietta, consistently linked to drug-related arrests and disorder in a trailer park owned by Bertram-Ernst Properties LLC.

Before the plywood was screwed into the metal walls of the front of 209 Virginia St. Monday, by two city employees with a police escort, a notice on the front red door read:

“To Juanita Lyons, Shane Hardy, Brian Miller and all John Does and all Jane Does, any and all animals, who may be living or residing in a mobile home situated on lot known as part of 209 Virginia St.”

The paper was titled “notice to leave premises” and signed by Marietta Law Director Paul Bertram on Aug. 6.

“Your compliance with this notice on or before the 14th day of August … will prevent any legal measure being taken by me to obtain possession. I am respectfully, Paul G. Bertram III,” it concluded.

Marietta Police Officer Bob Ellenwood holds the ladder while Tanner Huffman, top, and Justin Dennis board up 209 Virginia St. in Marietta Monday. (Photo by Janelle Patterson)

The notice details a recent official timeline of the residence, alleging unpaid rent from January through August, including an initial notice in February, allegedly personally served to Lyons with the instruction to leave by Feb. 26.

“Due to COVID the FED action was not filed but if premise is not vacated on or before Aug. 13 … a FED action will be filed,” continues the notice now resting beneath a plywood board.

According to subsequent notices posted in windows on both sides of the trailer, the trailer was declared “unsafe for human occupancy or use” on Sept. 29 and signed by Wayne Rinehart, code enforcement official for the city of Marietta.

The notice of violation and correction order, dated Sept. 29, was addressed to the above evicted Lyons at 209 Virginia St., not Bertram, or Bertram-Ernst Properties LLC.

The order requires correction within five days of Sept. 29 (Oct. 4).

The notice of eviction at 209 Virginia St., Marietta, is signed by City Law Director Paul Bertram. (Photo by Janelle Patterson)

The order states that “no owner, lessee, tenant, agent, person(s) or agency having charge or responsibility for any lot or land within the city shall allow such a condition to remain upon such lands.”

The order states that removal or demolition “shall” be completed by Nov. 1.

Monday was Nov. 2.

City public facilities Foreman Tanner Huffman and Laborer Justin Dennis were dispatched by Safety-Service Director Steve Wetz on Monday to board over open windows, doors and holes in the trailer’s skirt showing where neighbors consistently report wastewater leakage into the surrounding grass.

Multiple neighbors watched the progress Monday, some commenting about continued activity in the property between August and November.

Tanner Huffman and Justin Dennis, back, cover holes in the trailer skirt at 209 Virginia St., Monday. (Photo by Janelle Patterson)

Huffman explained that he requested Marietta Police Department escort as a conflict prevention measure.

“You don’t know who could have been inside when we got here,” said Huffman.

However, Officer Bob Ellenwood was only called upon to steady the ladder as Huffman and Dennis worked.

“You’re saving us from more calls to this,” said Ellenwood, explaining the address is a frequent flyer on the police call log. “I think I would be pretty embarrassed to own this.”

Both Huffman and Ellenwood pointed to holes in the skirt of the trailer, where earlier in the morning an orange cat was noticed exploring, but at least two holes were large enough for an adult male to crawl through.

Those holes have consistently been pointed to by concerned neighbors, fearing attraction to neighborhood children.

“I think we’re moving in a good direction,” said Councilman Geoff Schenkel, who represents the fourth ward, where the trailer is located. “(Neighborhood residents) have been consistently worried about people coming and going pretty regularly from that trailer.”

Schenkel said after his most recent reiteration of neighbors’ concerns to Wetz, the safety-service director promised swift action.

Wetz confirmed Monday that the instruction was completion by day’s end.



¯ Published June 19, 2018: Evette Meshelle Crouch, 40, of 209 Virginia St., Marietta, was arrested for disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor.

¯ Published June 20, 2018: Officers were dispatched to 209 Virginia St. on Sunday after a woman reported that her grandson was throwing rocks at a trailer. Officers made contact with the grandson and his mother, Evette Crouch, of 101 Gilman Ave., Lot 2, who became very agitated and began to yell and curse. Crouch was warned to stop or she would be arrested for disorderly conduct. She then began to yell and curse more loudly. She was arrested for disorderly conduct, cease and desist.

*Note: Lot 2 was demolished on city dime on Dec. 19, 2019, five months and one day after condemned for health and safety, by city contract with Strahler Masonry. According to county records, publicly available through the Washington County Auditor, both 209 Virginia St. and 105 Gilman Ave., are owned by Bertram-Ernst Properties LLC.

¯ Published May 29, 2019: Everette Meshelle Crouch, 41, of 209 Virginia St., Marietta, was arrested for disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor.

¯ Published May 30, 2019: An officer was dispatched to 105 Gilman Ave. May 26 in reference to a disturbance. Evette Crouch, of 209 Virginia St., was arrested for disorderly conduct.


¯ Published Jan. 4: On Dec. 30, 2019, an officer investigated criminal damaging at 209 Virginia St.

¯ Published Jan. 29: Ryan E. Carpenter, 24, of 209 Virginia St., Marietta, was indicted on one count of aggravated possession of methamphetamine, a fifth-degree felony. The indictment stems from an arrest in September in Marietta.

¯ Published Feb. 14; two entries:

¯ Ryan Edward Carpenter, 24, of 209 Virginia St., Marietta, was arrested for possessing drug abuse instruments and drug paraphernalia, both misdemeanors.

¯ On Feb. 8, two officers were dispatched to 700 Pike St. in reference to thefts from motor vehicles. Ryan Carpenter, of 209 Virginia St., and Nathan Strausbaugh, of 27830 State Route 7, were located as suspects and later arrested. Carpenter was arrested for possession of paraphernalia (methamphetamine pipes), while Strausbaugh was arrested for possession of drug abuse instruments (syringe).

¯ Published March 3: Ryan Edward Carpenter, 24, of 209 Virginia St., Marietta, was arrested for possession of drugs, two counts, both felonies.

The trailer court, with one street address as 105 Gilman Ave. but multiple lot numbers or apartment numbers identified in Marietta public police records also note:

¯ Dustin Allen Carpenter, possession of heroin felony; July 2019.

¯ Joshua Eric Burkhart, felony probation violation; Sept. 2019.

¯ Vickie M. Thompson, theft and methamphetamine felonies; Aug. 2020.

¯ Jason Lee Myers:

¯ February 2020 alleged witness of drug overdose, possession of drug instruments.

¯ June 2020 alleged felony and misdemeanor possession of drugs and drug instruments.

¯ August 2020 alleged theft.

*Note: 2020 reports of Thompson and Myers still identify Lot 2 of 105 Gilman Ave., as their home address, though the structure at that lot has not existed since prior to Christmas 2019.

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